Whether you are an entrepreneur,
start-up or established company,
I can help you maximize your creative & brand impact.

My hands-on Big Brand experience includes B2B, B2C, CPG, but ultimately H2H (human to human).
So, let me put my trusted skills to work for you. You'll be glad you did.

My work includes award-winning solutions for great brands like these:


I am blessed to have had the chance to assist, learn, and grow alongside many iconic brands throughout my career. That hands-on experience across diverse industries gives me a unique edge when problem-solving and navigating successful solutions.
I love helping brands escape “one of many” to become known as “THE ONE.”

Peter Gorman has designed many of our most successful programs. From packaging & POS to ads & support materials, his ability to synthesize our corporate and marketing objectives is second-to-none. He never fails to deliver—even under impossible deadlines. Peter is one creative who “gets it” and understands the power of successful branding. His sense of humor and captivating personality makes working with him a delight. Call him today. You’ll be glad you did.

Early in my career, Peter Gorman assisted me with several NBA and Pro Beach Volleyball Action Marketing Programs. His work is solid. Peter is one creative I would want on my team anytime. If you’ve been looking for first-string creative talent, get to know Gorman. Just Do It!

Featured Projects

Bally Total Fitness

Choice Hotels


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