Hmmm. What about your brand?

Harley-Davidson does not sell motorcycles.

Apple does not sell computers.

Starbucks does not sell coffee.

American Girl does not sell dolls.

Nike does not sell shoes.

Hmmm. Think about it. Can your brand do that?

Have you ever gone for a ride on a Harley, spent five minutes in an Apple Store, picked up a cup of coffee at Starbucks, shopped with a little girl for a doll at the American Girl store, or slipped into a new pair of NIKE running shoes?

Each of these companies have created brands with something more — an experience, a story, a sense of community, a sanctuary. Management guru Tom Peters says it best. “People don’t buy brands, they join them.”

So as we think about building our brands, we need to reflect. Is our brand seen as a commodity product or brand experience? Does it answer, as Simon Sinek says, “The Why”? Are we creating Brands with that “something more” – Brands that “make life better”? A consistent, memorable brand experience is power– a power that builds brands for future success and removes competitors from the game.

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