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Peter Gorman has designed many of our most successful programs. From packaging & POS to ads & support materials, his ability to synthesize our corporate and marketing objectives is second-to-none. He never fails to deliver—even under impossible deadlines. Peter is one creative who “gets it” and understands the power of successful branding. His sense of humor and captivating personality makes working with him a delight. Call him today. You’ll be glad you did.

Terry Freeman • VP, Consumer Promotions, Miller Brewing Co

Early in my career, Peter Gorman assisted me with several NBA and Pro Beach Volleyball Action Marketing Programs. His work is solid. Peter is one creative I would want on my team anytime. If you’ve been looking for first-string creative talent, get to know Gorman. Just Do It!

Mark Woolsey • National Marketing Manager, NIKE

Without a doubt, I would recommend Peter Gorman as a go-to creative resource. In my opinion, he is among the best in his class. He understands both the business and creative side of things – which is rare among creatives. I know I can always count on him. Get to know Peter and expect great things.

Don Spankowski • Vice President- Marketing, XPEDX

Ours is a highly competitive business where it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Working with Peter I feel we have a competitive edge over our competition. His marketing and brand skills have been a huge asset to our team. If you want to move your brand forward, call Peter today. I know he can make a difference for you too.

Steven Hoppe • President- Guardian Software Systems

If I had to choose just one creative professional to be part of my team, it would be Peter Gorman. Over the years, his creative thinking and branding abilities have been an invaluable resource for us. Best of all, as our working relationship has grown, so too have our sales. In addition, Peter is really a nice guy. Honest, witty and calm under pressure. I recommend him highly.

Frank Moravec • President & CEO, Micro Inks Corp.

Pete served as a distinguished judge for the Summit Creative Award's design show. He brought a wealth of industry experience and expertise and offered his opinion in a manner that benefited both our contestants and the SIA organization as a whole. We value his participation immeasurably and hope he will lend his expertise again in the future.

Jocelyn Luciano • Founding/Managing Director, International Summit Awards

Peter Gorman is a unique creative professional. He is endowed with creative faculties and always thinks "out-of-the-box". Refined personality. Very credible. Helped us win international and national awards for our website which was entirely conceptualized and executed by him. He does not compromise and never cuts corners - always looking or excellence in whatever he does. Rich in aesthetic sense. Empathetic and sensitive to the needs of his customers/clients/business partners. Very rare to find a gentleman like him. I wish I will have more opportunities to work with him again for a mega creative project.

Coumara Radja • Strategic Advisor at LMD

Peter was my creative director during my latter years at Restaurant.com. He not only led, but mentored us all, as well as helping us help each other improve and succeed in our roles. My design skills improved substantially with his help; lessons of which I carry to this day, and carried though my current work. Peter doesn’t just manage teams – he builds and forges them into top performers.

Daphne Clem • Senior Designer, Illustrator

In my fifteen plus years in the IT sales/recruiting industry, I have had the opportunity to work with many Creative Directors / Sr. Brand Consultants. I honestly feel that Peter ranks among the best - both from a personal and professional standpoint. He has a strong passion for his work and is a pleasure to work with. I believe that he would be an excellent asset to any client.

Bret W. Bodlovic • Sr. Leadership Tech Sourcer Lead, AMAZON

Peter's management style is something all managers should follow: Give a good direction, and let the creatives run with it. It's a style I've not experienced very much as a freelancer. It shows Peter is confident in my ability and trusts that I know what I'm doing.

Hsuan-min Chou • Content Marketer, UX Writer

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